EDM 310 What ive learned

I learned about a bunch of different technology tools that I didn’t excised. I also learned about a lot of different Microsoft tools via the Microsoft activities we did. Im very excited about making my future classroom super interactive for the students rather than just sitting at a desk taking notes. I am definitely more open to using technology in my classroom plus as a special ed major I found that there are so many different tools to help my students out.

Adaptive technology

Text to speech and speech to text software is the an incredibly useful adaptive technology tool. I am a peer mentor with the Passage USA at south. The Passage program is a two year program at the University of South Alabama for people with disabilities. All of the student in the program use this feature to do almost everything from texting to emailing teachers. Many people with disabilities have problems with reading and spelling so this tool is a great help. In this day in age almost every technological dives comes with text to speech and speech to text software already programed on it so the students can easily access this tool and use it.