EDM 310 What ive learned

I learned about a bunch of different technology tools that I didn’t excised. I also learned about a lot of different Microsoft tools via the Microsoft activities we did. Im very excited about making my future classroom super interactive for the students rather than just sitting at a desk taking notes. I am definitely more open to using technology in my classroom plus as a special ed major I found that there are so many different tools to help my students out.

Adaptive technology

Text to speech and speech to text software is the an incredibly useful adaptive technology tool. I am a peer mentor with the Passage USA at south. The Passage program is a two year program at the University of South Alabama for people with disabilities. All of the student in the program use this feature to do almost everything from texting to emailing teachers. Many people with disabilities have problems with reading and spelling so this tool is a great help. In this day in age almost every technological dives comes with text to speech and speech to text software already programed on it so the students can easily access this tool and use it.


Coding could easily be integrated into the 6th grade classroom. Sixth grade is typically in middle school. Since middle schoolers switch classes and are forced to take elective courses. We could make coding an elective, because there isn’t enough time in a single class period to include coding in a class. I believe that if we make it a separate class it would be more beneficial for the student. I found the in class module very easy. I had absolutely no difficulties with this module. I learned absolutely nothing from this assignment.

Quizlet and Kahoot

I personally find both of these assessment tools to be the most beneficial for both students and teachers. First off Kahoot is a game based learning platform that you use of phones or computers. Its an online quiz that everyone can participate in either in teams or individually. At the end of the game the top 3 winner appear in the board. After the game the teacher can look on the computer and see what each of the students answers were. The teacher can then use that data to further more help the students by finding out what concepts the students understand and which ones they don’t based on their answers on kahoot. Now Quizlet is a website that helps you make flashcards, the flashcards are purely online. I personally find quizlet to be more beneficial for the students rather than the teachers. As a college student I know so many of my fellow student use quizlet to study for exams, but I also know that I used quizlet when I was in high school as well. This program could also be beneficial for middle schoolers and elementary schoolers especially on things such as studying for spelling test. Date can’t exactly be collected by im fairly certain that the student who uses quizlet to study will do better than the student who doesn’t.

Compare and Contrast Google Vs. Mircosoft #gameon

Google and Microsoft are very similar. I feel like both have very good education tools. It really depends on what you are doing that would make one better than the other. For example, as a college student when writing a paper I prefer to use Microsoft word rather than google docs due to formatting, but if I were doing a group presentation google slides is a way better platform because it is easier to share with others and work on as a group. These two tools are very similar it is hard to detect differences. I personally believe that it all comes down to preference and the activity that you are doing. Mind you in this day in age many middle and high schools have enough funding to give students laptops. they normally go with chrome books because they are cheap and get the job done. the only issue with the chrome books is that they do not run Microsoft programs very well so the students are essentially forced to use the google tools. As a college student I have learned that Chrome books do not run some of the programs needed in many classes, such as My Labs Plus for math classes, which makes google the lesser option. All in all they are both great tools and work in many of the same ways. The way to tell which is the better tool is really just preference, what task you need to do, and what level of schooling you are in.

TPACK is totally not WACK

TPACK is a framework that was created in 2006 by Punya Mishra and Matthew J. Koehler. It contains 3 primary forms, content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and technological knowledge. TPACK is the full understanding of how to teach technology. TPACK is using technology to enhance the way students learn. Some examples include videos and online games.  The scaffolding theory relates to TPACK. TPACK is a good framework for the scaffolding theory because it gives teachers the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of pedagogy through good instruction.