Compare and Contrast Google Vs. Mircosoft #gameon

Google and Microsoft are very similar. I feel like both have very good education tools. It really depends on what you are doing that would make one better than the other. For example, as a college student when writing a paper I prefer to use Microsoft word rather than google docs due to formatting, but if I were doing a group presentation google slides is a way better platform because it is easier to share with others and work on as a group. These two tools are very similar it is hard to detect differences. I personally believe that it all comes down to preference and the activity that you are doing. Mind you in this day in age many middle and high schools have enough funding to give students laptops. they normally go with chrome books because they are cheap and get the job done. the only issue with the chrome books is that they do not run Microsoft programs very well so the students are essentially forced to use the google tools. As a college student I have learned that Chrome books do not run some of the programs needed in many classes, such as My Labs Plus for math classes, which makes google the lesser option. All in all they are both great tools and work in many of the same ways. The way to tell which is the better tool is really just preference, what task you need to do, and what level of schooling you are in.